John Parker Ceramics : a documentary of working methods

PROFILE for Art Foundation Laureate

STILL LIFE WITH CHICKENS  design.  Lynn Freeman interview on Standing Room Only

Studio interview for Te Papa COLLECTING CONTEMPORARY 2012

Andrew Whiteside interview on GTT - Pride Festival 12 February 2013

Exhibition videos

MONOCHROMATICS, Masterworks Gallery, opening 6 May 2018. Joe Bova's iPhone Walk-through

MUTATIONS, Masterworks Gallery, iPhone Walk-through, 17 September 2017

CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER - video of the 10 minute lighting sequence of my 200 cone installation, part of John Parker CAUSE AND EFFECT, my 50 year retrospective, with lighting designed by Phillip Dexter, condensed to 2 minutes by James Anderson 2016

CAUSE AND EFFECT Te Uru, Auckland 10 September 2016

BEYOND GRAVITY Masterworks, Auckland 4 May 2015

SINGULARITIES Masterworks, Auckland 23 February 2014

BLACK WHITE RED Piece Gallery Matakana 15 November 2013

THE NEW WHITE Avid Gallery, Wellington, 5 March 2013

NEGATIVES / POSITIVES solo show at Avid Gallery, Wellington, 7 August 2012

UNTESTED solo show at Masterworks, Auckland, 18 February 2012